Product Catalog

Product Catalog
Large capacity, open skid thermal fluid systems with maximum design temperatures available from 550°F to 750°F. Most SL units are custom designed for each application and include a wide range of pump designs and cooling options. SL Series hot oil systems include an electric heater, centrifugal pump, thermal expansion tank, control panel, strainer, supply & return valves, foamglass insulation and connecting piping mounted on a welded steel, drip proof base.
Unit of Measure


Output (kW)

N/A 60

Output (BTU/hr)

N/A 204780

Operating Voltage

N/A 480, 3 Phase

Centrifugal Pump: Manufacturer

N/A Dean Brothers

Centrifugal Pump: Model

N/A RA3001

Centrifugal Pump: Motor Type


Centrifugal Pump: gpm

N/A 60

Centrifugal Pump: hp

N/A 5

Centrifugal Pump: Total Deliver Head (ft)

N/A 112

Centrifugal Pump: Seal

N/A Crane #21

Centrifugal Pump: Seal Cooling

N/A Air

Piping Connection (300# flange)

N/A 2

Expansion Tank: Size (gal)

N/A 40

Expansion Tank: Line Size (in)

N/A 3/4

Expansion Tank: Vent to Atmosphere

N/A Yes

Expansion Tank: Inert Gas Blanketing

N/A Yes No

Expansion Tank: Sight Glass

N/A Tubular Glass

Expansion Tank: ASME Code

N/A Yes No

Expansion Tank: Relief Valve

N/A Yes No

Heater: Maximum Operating Temperature (° F)

N/A 600

Heater: Maximum Operating Pressure (psig)

N/A 150

Heater: kW Range

N/A 41 to 360+

Heater: Watt Density (W/in2)

N/A 16

Heater: ASME

N/A Yes No

Heater: Baffles

N/A Yes

Heater: Standard Terminal Housing

N/A Extended NEMA 13

Fluids: Mineral Oil (° F)

N/A < 550

Fluids: Synthetic Oil (° F)

N/A < 600

Fluids: Silicone Oil (° F)

N/A < 600

Inter-Connecting Piping: Connections

N/A 301 lb Flanged

Inter-Connecting Piping: Gaskets Flexitallic Flexicarb

N/A 301

Inter-Connecting Piping: Insulation with Aluminum Cover

N/A Foam glass

Process Cooling (Parallel Design): Water to Oil Heat Exchanger

N/A Yes No

Process Cooling (Parallel Design): Air to Oil Heat Exchanger

N/A Yes No

Controls and Instruments: Temperature Indicating Control

N/A Yes 626

Controls and Instruments: Skid Mounted Control Box

N/A Yes No

Controls and Instruments: Remote Mounted Control Box

N/A Digital PID

Controls and Instruments: High Limit Set at (° F)

N/A Air Cooled

Controls and Instruments: Pump Cooling Water Low Flow Alarm

N/A Yes

Controls and Instruments: SCR Power Controller

N/A Yes No

Controls and Instruments: Control Box Heating or Cooling

N/A Yes

Drip Proof Base

N/A Yes

Back Inlet & Outlet Port Location

N/A Yes No

Special Paint

N/A Yes No

Dimenso Blue Enamel Paint

N/A Yes

Width (in)

N/A 48

Depth (in)

N/A 72

Height, not including expansion tank (in)

N/A 88

Approx. Weight (lbs)

N/A 2,150