Product Catalog

Product Catalog
Electrically operated organic fluid vaporizers are usually custom designed, but are also available as a "Pre-Engineered" packaged system, prewired, prepiped, insulated, pressure tested, and ready for installation. The most commonly used, vapor phase, organic heat transfer fluids are Dowtherm® "A" from Dow chemical and Therminol® "VP–1" from Monsanto. Both of these fluids allow process heating up to 750°F at a relatively low operating pressure. For example, a steam system at 750°F would have an operating pressure well over 3200 psig, while Dowtherm A and VP–1 produce a vapor pressure of only 138 psig. The vaporizer consists of an ASME pressure vessel, a heat source of open coil heaters contained in 3" sch. 40 pipe wells, vessel mounted safety devices and an intergral control center.
Unit of Measure


Output (kW)

N/A 300

Output (BTU/hr)

N/A 1023600

Operating Voltage

N/A 240 V, 3 phase

Vessel Diameter (in)

N/A 36

Vessel Volume (gal)

N/A 845

Overall Length (in)

N/A 219