Product Catalog

Product Catalog
The WG series of heat transfer systems is designed for closed loop temperature control of water or water/glycol mixtures. The WG250 is a completely packaged system designed for a maximum operating temperature of 250°F. WG series standard components include an electric heater, centrifugal water circulation pump with mechanical seal, thermal expansion tank, relief valve, and a complete control center all mounted on a drip proof base. Each unit is furnished completely piped and wired, and includes insulation on internal piping and heater chamber. The system is given an operating test prior to shipment.
Unit of Measure


Output (kW)

N/A 320

Output (BTU/hr)

N/A 1092160

Centrifugal Pump: gpm

N/A 150

Centrifugal Pump: hp

N/A 7-1/2

Centrifugal Pump: total delivery head (ft)

N/A 120

Piping Connection (#150 Flange)

N/A 3

Expansion Tank: Size (gal)

N/A 40

Expansion Tank: Connection Size (in)

N/A 1

Overall Width (in)

N/A 48

Overall Depth (in)

N/A 48

Overall Height (in)

N/A 82

Approx. Weight (lbs)

N/A 2200